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From small beginnings in 1981 Bean Alliance has a rich and diverse company history. The dynamic team in the heart of Melbourne have expertise in sourcing, blending, roasting and packaging award-winning, roasted coffee straight from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility - the first in Australia certified to roast organic - ACO - and a trailblazer in the sustainable space.

brand creativity and blend profiling

Applying unique thinking to market segmentation, Bean Alliance Group owns and drives several successful proprietary coffee brands, the main ones depicted on this page.

“Often the success achieved is derived from the personal input and leadership of a few inspired individuals.”
Susan Castle Director-Marketing, Strategy & Development

private label

The company growth in the space has been fueled by our exhibited expertise in assisting start-ups with big dreams and small budgets to launch their ideas and aid their vision for growth. Technical expertise extends to blend profiling, cupping & training. Commercial expertise in the field of product and brand development, business and retail expertise and evolving and developing brands for customers during the product life-cycle, all-the-while assessing and implementing world’s best practice and adjusting for market dynamic.